Checkweigher Pharmaceutical | Ultra Fast Checkweigher Solutions

Our pharmaceutical checkweigher are high-precision instruments that weigh and document each product you produce in order to secure your process quality. Checkweigher portfolio of the E-M-A series impresses with the utmost accuracy at top speeds and therefore permits extremely high throughputs leading to an increasing line efficiency.


Typical application areas prevent the underfilling and overfilling, resulting in brand protection and cost reduction due to less product giveaway. Other advantages occur in the simple and intuitive operation of the machines leading to short familiarisation periods and trouble-free usage.

Your benefits from the E-M-A series

  • 1. Wipotec EMFR weigh cells generate throughputs of up to 650 pcs/min
  • 2. Modularity for tailor-made applications
  • 3. Exact filling results reducing the TCO
  • 4. Easy, user-friendly operation
  • 5. GMP conformity and hygienic design

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