HC M WD MDi | Metal Detection Machine | Wipotec OCS

Weighing and metal detection machine at highest hygiene requirements WIPOTEC-OCS provides a reliable and robust combination of checkweigher and metal detection in an innovative, hygienic Wash Down design. This model meets all statutory provisions for the food processing industry like IFS-compliant product control, and HACCP or LMHV/FDA (Food Hygiene Regulations). An optional cleaning program package enables [...]

HC-A-VA | Checkweigher

The HC-A-VA dynamic checkweighers in solid stainless steel provide the highest standards of precision and maximum throughput. This means the HC-M-VA (protection class IP65) is ideal for use in light to average humidity environments and easily integrated in existing production lines. As machine components, the weigh cells, motors, and conveyors are also constructed from stainless [...]

SC I X ray and Vision

The SC I X ray and Vision has been developed to scan solid, viscous and liquid products in deep-drawn or thermoformed containers. This cutting-edge scanner is a space-saving solution for the inspection (foreign body detection and fill level control) of sealed containers. X-ray scanner for integration into filling systems The SC-I- X-ray and Vision is seamlessly [...]

EC Warehouse

Flexible integration in intralogistics systems Reliable data forms the backbone of modern intralogistics. This is where the EC-Warehouse catchweigher from WIPOTEC-OCS sets new standards. With a maximum weighing range of 35 kg, it supplies weight information accurate to the gram and thus forms the basis for reliable completeness checking in inbound and outbound operations. This is [...]

HC FL Catchweigher

More than just two single-platform scales: the 3-in-1 solution for greater throughput The HC-FL catchweigher is a combination of two single-platform scales in line. Both scales work simultaneously and independently of each other. As soon as a parcel exceeds a certain length, both scales work together as a virtual third set of scales. The machine [...]

Checkweigher Pharmaceutical | Ultra Fast Checkweigher Solutions

Our pharmaceutical checkweigher are high-precision instruments that weigh and document each product you produce in order to secure your process quality. Checkweigher portfolio of the E-M-A series impresses with the utmost accuracy at top speeds and therefore permits extremely high throughputs leading to an increasing line efficiency. Typical application areas prevent the underfilling and overfilling, [...]

Catchweighers and DWS Systems

"Time is money" – is a well-known saying that applies particularly to mail and logistics service providers. To optimise the control of the product flow and the allocation of storage and transport resources, WIPOTEC-OCS integrates efficiency enhancing weighing and volume measuring solutions for global CEP (Courier, Express, Parcel) organisations. Our systems are valued by leading [...]

Weighing Plus Metal Detection | HC A MDi

Weighing plus metal detection for maximum product safety The HC-A-MDi model is synonymous with high precision weighing in combination with extremely sensitivemetal detection for optimal performance. It is a practical combination of inspection technologies in the interests of increased consumer safety and provides scales and metal detector in one space-saving unit, which can be operated from [...]


TQS-HC-A adopts the convenient features of TQS-SP in terms of product management and serialisation, expanding them with a final completeness check by means of weight. Optional modules integrate the functionalities of our compact Tamper-Evident technology and country-specific vignette applicator. The folding boxes are received from the upstream cartoner over a perfectly synchronised, adjustable top belt. [...]

TQS LI Bottle Track & Trace

Serialization for bottles and vials The TQS-LI-Bottle from WIPOTEC-OCS serialises medicine bottles at high transport speeds. Serialization is carried out simply by applying labels to the bottles. The compact, space-saving footprint of the TQS-LI-Bottle combined with a very short design in the direction of product flow makes it easily integrated into existing lines. Labeling is [...]