What Inos has to offer you?

Our service model is highly tailored and customer-centric. In an era of cut-throat competition, you simply cannot survive without highly tailored, reliable, and world-class customer service. The behavioral patterns of customers are evolving with time and with it, we too have evolved to cater to the high-class expectations of our clients. We have always kept a high level of integrity and transparency in all our processes and business operations. Our simple approach is “EACH = ALL”. We at Inos, don’t discriminate against customers based on their business worth. Such an approach does not take you anywhere. Instead, we treat all our customers with the same enthusiasm and dedication to earn their admiration and faith.

We have a dedicated team in the customer service department with years of experience and expertise. They are well-trained with industry-specific programs and will understand and answer your specific queries and concerns satisfactorily. A group of separate teams work on different projects and maintain a high level of confidentiality to maintain the decorum of professional partnership. Whether it is just a simple consulting service or a particular product or technology support or a full product life cycle service, our teams will ensure that you get what you want in the best possible and meaningful manner.


Machines need maintenance to function eternally. No matter how reliable and functional a machine is, without maintenance, it might not stop functioning to its full speed after some years. Hence, maintenance programs are indeed imperative for businesses. It also saves downtime when you have a good maintenance mechanism running. At Inos, we offer high-quality maintenance services for all types of equipment on a Comprehensive & Non-Comprehensive basis. Across India, we are present and have a dedicated team to look after these operations. Regular professional maintenance can assure a high level of quality output and also it improves the safety standards within the premises.


Once the equipment is sold, we are done. It is a dangerous business policy many businesses still employ. We simply don’t. We do understand our responsibility to stand beside our clients as and when they require even after the sale is done. You can rely on us at any technical and operational difficulties arise out of anywhere. Our premium after sales services will ensure that your processes and operations remain uninterruptible and performance improves gradually. We have a team of expert engineers located across the country to look after you and offer a wide range of services and support to meet your expectations.


Adequate training programs are essential to bring the best out of processes and procedures. In the manufacturing industry, it is quintessential also to improve efficiency and prevent any accidents on the work site. We offer a high level of sophisticated modular training programs for all product ranges. If you are looking for some specific issue-based training programs, we will cater that for you. We will employ the best of our trainers with sheer expertise and superior performance to look after training programs. To discuss more, you can write to us so that our training staff can communicate in detail with you.


Sometimes, when some spare parts of larger machinery stop functioning, it might result in delaying production and unnecessary hindrances. You can rely on us in such grave times. We provide a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical, logistics and packaging industry spare parts to ensure continuous production at your plants. These spare parts are from the best brands and offer superior reliability, durability and quality. Furthermore, with us, you can also expect such best spare parts at the best competitive prices.