The Indian logistics industry is witnessing a huge growth at 8-105 per annum. It is a noticeable growth compared to the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8% for the last five years. Currently, the total value of the Indian logistics sector is believed to be around US$ 160 billion. As per the economic survey of 2018, the sector is expected to touch $215 billion within 2 years.

There are some superior improvements that happened in the way the logistic industry functions. The latest machinery and technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have enabled some major changes in the processes and operations in the logistics industry. India jumped to 35th rank from 54th rank in 2014 in terms of overall logistics performance. It clearly indicates that the Indian logistics sector is going to take a giant leap in the upcoming years.

The Indian logistics industry is clearly not limited to physical stores but has evolved with time. Now, they have the technology to help them out to perform various operations and processes with ease and durability. Inos has always helped to bring drastic transformation in the logistics industry by offering state of the art facilities and technological solutions to the industry.