Checkweighers | Solid Combination for Heavy Loads | HC M MDi SL

This machine is for heavy load and a high-tech combination scale and metal detector, together in one compact unit that sets the quality standard in terms of product safety. The entire system is controlled via the menu-driven, user-friendly controls of the checkweigher. The central controlpoint conveniently manages the product parameters, protocols, and production statistics. Naturally, [...]

Checkweighers for Multitrack | HC A Multitrack

The HC-A multi-track systems (HC-A-Multi) are particularly suitable for small packaging formats (e.g. stick packs or four-sided sealed bags). Multi-lane systems are available both in traditional conveyor belt and also in push over technology. High-precision weight measurement with display takes place individually per lane (with the smallest lane centre-to-centre distances). The rejection system can be [...]

Checkweigher | Automatic Weight Control For Use in Filling Plants

The HC-A-IS-WD provides a reliable and robust checkweigher in an innovative, hygienic wash-down design for fully automatic weight control for use in filling plants (e.g. in the food and beverage industry). The indexing star wheel system enables optimal product handling for high, slim containers (aerosol cans, plastic and glass bottles, etc.) and ensures fast, precise [...]

HC IS EX | Checkweigher | WIPOTEC OCS

The HC-IS-EX is the intelligent combination of HC-IS (weighing cylindrical products) and HC-EX (weighing in areas where there is an explosion hazard).This checkweigher is appropriate for weighing aerosol cans and other cylindrical products, directly after the filling process. The use of high-tech Weigh Cells from WIPOTEC, which operate according to the principle of Electro-Magnetic Force [...]

Checkweigher | HC A V

The Checkweigher HC A V(Vision) series is a trend-setting combination of vision inspection and checkweigher technology in a compact design. In addition to reliable and precise weight checking, the HC-A-V also ensures the vision inspection of your products. The key components used in this model, such as the WIPOTEC Weigh Cell and the vision control [...]

Checkweigher | HC A

HC A, Checkweigher for the highest standards in dynamic weighing In terms of precision and throughput, checkweighers of the HC-A series are the logical response to meet the demands of modern, dynamic weighing technology. The machines provide the controls and engineering to create the ideal platform for implementing the complex regulation and control tasks. The HC-A [...]

HC-A-VA | Checkweigher

The HC-A-VA dynamic checkweighers in solid stainless steel provide the highest standards of precision and maximum throughput. This means the HC-M-VA (protection class IP65) is ideal for use in light to average humidity environments and easily integrated in existing production lines. As machine components, the weigh cells, motors, and conveyors are also constructed from stainless [...]

Checkweigher Pharmaceutical | Ultra Fast Checkweigher Solutions

Our pharmaceutical checkweigher are high-precision instruments that weigh and document each product you produce in order to secure your process quality. Checkweigher portfolio of the E-M-A series impresses with the utmost accuracy at top speeds and therefore permits extremely high throughputs leading to an increasing line efficiency. Typical application areas prevent the underfilling and overfilling, [...]