DWS Compact Machine by Wipotec

DWS stands for dimension, Weighing and Scanning machine. It is a three in one machine which is doing function of volume, weight and bar code of your packages (up to 120 kg)  and are completely, easily and dependably recorded. The user-friendly controls ensure convenient handling.

Dimension is the Volume measurement system whatever shape size, accurate volume measurement is the necessary and basic for correct decision making. DWS Compact take over the task of the precise and rapid weighing as well as transport with controlled. Scanning is the identification. With identification solutions based on laser, cameras and RFID technologies nearly every reading situation can be handled.

Key Features

  • Transport speed: up to 2.9 m/s
  • Weight range: up to 120 kg
  • Calibration value 20 g

Advantages of DWS

  • No auxiliary evaluation unit is required.
  • Easy configuration and fast rate on investment.
  • DWS increases the level of automation.
  • EMFR Weigh Cell for precise weighing results.

Why to Choose WIPOTEC?

  • The DWS system from WIPOTEC guarantees the complete transparency of your data, which is transmitted to a central data management system and then processed for comprehensive billing.
  • Wipotec is producing innovative and dependable partners for the high performance of the manufacturing of unique products.
  • Wipotec is developing a highly flexible track and trace machine that is reliable and easy to operate by the customers.
  • Wipotec has successfully integrated state of the art OEM integration solution into packaging machines.
  • All the Wipotec products and integration solutions are developed with higher skill engineers.
  • Wipotec is an ISO certified and authorized one for the conformity evaluation according to module D of the ‘Measuring Instruments Directive’ (MID, 2014/32/EU).