Muhr Mixing Technology

3D.S MIXING SYSTEMS PERFECT MIXING QUALITY UNSURPASSED EFFICIENCY The Muhr 3D.S mixer is a free-fall mixer in which the mixing container is gimbal-mounted. Two rotation axes are positioned perpendicularly to one another and are powered independently. The turning direction and rotational speed of both axes are subject to continual and independent change. Thanks to these [...]

Ezi-Strap™ Liner Tensioning System

New from Ezi-Dock Systems Limited is the Ezi-Strap™ Liner Tensioning System, an easy-to-use Double Tie and Cut Solution for use with Continuous Liner Filling, Isolator Applications, and Bag-Out waste requirements. Using either the manual or pneumatic Ezi-Strap™ Tensioner, the Ez-Strap™ is simple to apply and offers high containment capability with the demonstrated performance of less [...]


KEEP FLYING – KEEP YOUR AIRCRAFT IN THE AIR – REDUCE YOUR DOWNTIME You have a need for a Part 21(G) supplier who can provide a fast response to your situation. TEG has built a reputation for the fast delivery of one off parts. All aircraft parts and components are supplied with EASA Form 1 and Service Bulletin. [...]

Special Bespoke Isolators

Howorth is a market leader in providing innovative containment solutions. Utilizing our clean air engineering expertise, we can create safe and clean working environments for Pharmaceutical, Biological, and Chemical organizations. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in designing bespoke isolator systems to suit a variety of processes, ensures we provide our customers with solutions to suit [...]

CM-5- Foil Wrapping

Foil wrapping machine The foil wrapping machines of the CM series are designed for wrapping single products or product bundles into polypropylene, cellophane, PVC-film or coated paper. The foil is tightly folded around the product and sealed. Advantages Cost-efficient and easily exchangeable format parts High quality and reliable technology Suitable for all common types of [...]


From hygienic to extra heavy duty Rotary valves are a common product in many powder handling applications. RotaVal products combine the expertise from a dedicated valve manufacturer with the global experience from many successful installations. Applications & Industries Thanks to its highly modular design, our products can be adapted for virtually all types of product [...]

Tool Types

I Holland make punches and dies for any tablet press available in the world today, including IMA Comprima, nutraceutical, detergent and designer-shaped tooling. Not only that, but our bespoke Multi-Tip tablet tooling means you can enhance productivity without huge increases in cost or floor space required. We understand the demand for increased productivity within modern [...]


Flat-Tray Feeders Precise volumetric and gravimetric feeding of hardly to free-flowing powders, wet powders or bridge builing powders. These feeders can be upgraded with a scale and used in a gravimetric loss-in-weight or batch feeding process at any time. Numerous different feeding tools are easily replaceable that facilitate adaption to the powders in order to [...]

NF-180 Flat Series

HIGH PERFORMANCE Higher Performance Packaging Machines, easy and quick changeover, flexible and efficient. Ideal for medium sachets sizes, unitary, twin, spout, zipper and shapes. The major application for all kind of products and sectors. Easy Operation, Low cost of Maintenance, Reduced Energy’s Expenditure Minimum Billing in Spare Parts, Ecofriendly. MAIN FEATURES Ergonomic Monoblock on Balcony Frame. Motorized [...]

Pharma Process Bottles

Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industry users who prefer to use traditional bottles and rigid process packaging will be impressed by the improvements which have been incorporated into the New Ezi-Dock™ Pharma Process Bottle Range, which make it the cheapest and most efficient available. Ezi-Dock™ Pharma Process Bottles are manufactured from USP Class VI approved HDPE (with [...]