Muhr Residue-free Loading

RESIDUE-FREE LOADING Perfect, residue-free loading with the Muhr MVS-TD bulk loading system with sealable telescopic tubes or the Muhr BSS Bellows-Stretch-System. In certain cases, bulk material residues in loading devices are not wanted, e.g. for hygiene reasons, due to the risk of fire or explosion, or in the case of a product change. Vibrating units [...]

CM-5 Foil wrapping machine

The foil wrapping machines of the CM series are designed for wrapping single products or product bundles into polypropylene, cellophane, PVC-film or coated paper. The foil is tightly folded around the product and sealed. Advantages Cost-efficient and easily exchangeable format parts High quality and reliable technology Suitable for all common types of wrapping film Quick [...]


An aircraft parts company you can rely on TEG has been producing aircraft parts for the world’s leading aircraft since 1981 and our reputation speaks for itself. TEG believe in a high-value personal service and provide all clients with their own dedicated relationship manager who, through regular contact with the client, manages communications internally, ensures [...]

High-Precision Feeder

Gericke FEEDOS® S -  The compact feeding device for all types of bulk materials represents a new generation of feeding devices - combining simple operation with easy cleaning and minimal maintenance. Advantages Compact design – high dosing accuracy Simple and easy to disassemble, without special tools Uniform and demixing-free product flow thanks to newly designed feeding [...]

COATINGS – I Holland

I Holland’s PharmaCote® range is a suite of treatments and coatings that enhance the performance of substrate material for punches and dies. Since the introduction of PharmaCote® CN in 2007 I Holland has carried out extensive research (both academic and in the field) into anti-stick coating solutions using many forms of advanced technology such as Atomic [...]

IBC Glands and Fittings

Ezi-Dock™ Systems manufacture and supply an extensive range of IBC Glands, Caps, Valves and Ancillary Fittings. All products are manufactured from materials that fully comply with both EU and US FDA Food Contact Regulations. Ezi-Dock™ products can be supplied in HDPE and with Viton O Rings in order to be compatible with certain chemical compounds [...]

DWS Compact- CatchWeigher

Dimensioning Weighing Scanning ready to go in only 24 hours The volume, weight, and barcode of your packages (up to 120 kg) are completely, easily and dependably recorded. The user-friendly controls ensure convenient handling. The DWS system from WIPOTEC-OCS guarantees the complete transparency of your data, which is transmitted to a central data management system [...]

NS-280 – Stand up Series

    Main Features • Ergonomic Monoblock on Balcony Frame. • Motorized Unwinder with End of Reel Detector. • Splicing Table for Easy Change of Reel. • EQC Reel Support for Adjustment with no Tooling (Lateral Loading) • Machine Screws in AISI 304. • Micrometers in sealing jaws for easy changeover • Clean and Accessible [...]

Process Isolators

Process isolators are containment systems that allow the handling of toxic chemicals and powders for various industries including pharmaceuticals. They can provide primary and secondary containment around process activities such as drum filling, charging, and offloading of both powders and liquids. Pack- off Isolators These can be single or twin-chamber isolators that provide secondary containment [...]