A Hundred Containment Requirements: One Solution The cornerstone of the Ezi-Dock™ High Containment solution is the Ezi-Flow™ CSV Transfer System. Available in Multi-use and Single use formats and 4 and 6 inch bores, the Ezi-Flow CSV breaks the mould, providing superb levels of containment at greatly reduced cost. The Ezi-Flow CSV6 provides: •    High Containment [...]

P-mec India – 26 to 28 November 2019

The Indian pharmaceutical market is growing at 15% annually, twice the world market growth rate. While its generics market is growing strong, it is also evolving into a cradle for new drugs. Simply put: as one of the strongest emerging markets in the global pharma industry, India presents great opportunities for all international pharmaceutical companies […]

Multi-Tip Tooling

  Increasing productivity within modern tablet production is an on-going challenge and we at I Holland are always striving to assist our partners in their quest for increased capacity, therefore we have developed our range of Multiple Tip tablet tooling. I Holland have been leading the way in the production of multi tip tools for […]

Technical Seminar For Tablet Manufacturing & Tooling in Goa and Hyderabad

For all our valued customers, In association with I Holland we are delighted to invite you to attend our Technical Seminar For Tablet Manufacturing & Tooling in Goa and Hyderabad. Topics of Discussion: Typical problems in tablet manufacturing Increasing capacity and output of existing presses without capital investment Improving profitability of your compression unit through […]

7-Step PharmaCare® Process – I Holland

Tablet compression tools are often viewed as consumable items that can be easily replaced at relatively low cost. Maintenance can be seen as an unnecessary evil and overlooked within tablet manufacturing. By performing maintenance and keeping the tooling in pristine condition, costly tablet press downtime and compression problems will be reduced. Correct maintenance is critical […]