Caps & Closures

700 million moulded parts per year for over 30 countries around the world, designed and produced in most cases to individual customer specifications: Herrmann AG is a leading global supplier of caps, closures and packaging systems. We offer solutions for sealing, packaging, storing, dispensing and dosing pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical, food, agrochemical and cleaning products as [...]

Medical Packaging Solutions

Salentec produces primary packaging in techno-polymer for biomedical and pharmaceutical field, for the injection of emulsions, suspensions, high viscosity gels, dermal fillers, cements and bone substitutes. The long year experience in the field of injection molding of technopolymers allows us to reach the highest qualitative standard of the products. Medical packaging solutions Sterly Prefillable Syringes [...]

Cartoning Solutions

Our pack layout design engineers are pioneers in blister pack design and innovation. For every blister card designed by Prodieco, immense consideration is given to the parameters and limitations presented by the blister machine, product shape, feeding method, base and leading foil combinations, and tooling optimisation. This allows us to produce the most reliable blister [...]

Single Dose Strips | Ampoule Breaker

Single Dose Strips Strip with 5 resealable single-doses, can be made in different materials according to requirements. Guaranteed product storage. Controlled and precise dosage, suitable for storage of liquids, creams or gels. For specific uses in the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic sectors. The entire production cycle takes place in a controlled environment, developed and constantly [...]

Continuous Processing Systems | CTM | Symex

Continuous Processing Systems is one of the best production method in which material is processed continuously in large amount of quantities without taking much time. Continuous manufacturing of cosmetic and chemical products with the modular symex dosing line: Individual version:  Customer-specific systems for all products and throughput sizes Highest level of flexibility: Modular dosing line [...]