Tool Management | I Holland

Tool management and the knowledge of the availability and condition of tools is becoming increasingly important for a variety and of primary importance for a number of reasons. The first is that tracking the punches and dies used to make pharmaceutical tablets, nutraceutical supplements and confectionery products are subject to legislation and auditory compliance in [...]

2D Mixer | 2D Mixing Systems

The mixing principle of the Muhr 2D mixer is based on two-dimensional motion dynamics. This particularly cost-effective mixing system is able to process your mixture in stationary or exchangeable containers. Mixing containers in sizes from 50 to 20,000 litres possible. Full flexibility with maximum cost-efficiency.   Excellent cost effectiveness & flexibility Advantage of mixing container [...]

ThermoForm Forming Tools

Our pack layout design engineers are pioneers in blister pack design and innovation. For every blister card designed by Prodieco, immense consideration is given to the parameters and limitations presented by the blister machine, product shape, feeding method, base and leading foil combinations, and tooling optimisation. This allows us to produce the most reliable blister [...]

Tamping Pin | Disk Dosator | Capsule Filling Machines | 3pinnovation

Part of 3P innovation’s Pharma Equipment Discover range this Tamping Pin Dosator has been developed to fill capsules during early phase pharmaceutical formulation and to automatically produce early phase clinical batches. Increase laboratory capability and eliminate scale-up risk Minimise process uncertainty  Post-process dosing parameters A key advantage of this Tamping Pin Dosator is that the [...]

Pack off Booths | Howorthgroup

Howorth has considerable experience in supplying containment booths for a range of processes, including Pack-off systems.     The Pack-off system is designed to offer a primary level of containment when off-loading and packing off powdered products. The booth is providing an extra layer of protection to the operator (secondary containment) during the offloading/filling of [...]

Higher Performance Packaging Machinery | NF 150 | Flexpack

Easy changeover. Higher Performance Packaging Machines, easy and quick changeover, flexible and efficient. Ideal for medium sachets sizes, unitary, twin, spout, zipper and shapes. Major application for all kind of products and sectors. Easy Operation, Low cost of Maintenance, Reduced Energy’s Expenditure Minimum Billing in Spare Parts, Ecofriendly.   Main Features Ergonomic Monoblock on Balcony Frame. Motorized Unwinder [...]