NF-110 TWIN Series

HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY ON MINIMUM SPACE FLOOR. High productivity on a very small space floor. Ideal for small sachets 3 or 4 sides seal, unitary, twin and strings. Major application for powders, solid and pasty products. Easy Operation, Low cost of Maintenance, Reduced Energy’s Expenditure Minimum Billing in Spare Parts and Ecofriendly. MAIN FEATURES Ergonomic Monoblock on Balcony Frame. [...]

HC-A-TQCC- Checkweigher

Weighing and control of complex applications The production, filling, and packaging processes, especially, in the pharmaceutical industry are subject to strict quality and safety regulations. The TQCC is the perfect answer to these requirements: in-line weighing, controlling, and coding with a final 100% end control of the packaging process. The integrated laser inscribes the accepted packages [...]


Precise volumetric and gravimetric feeding of hardly to free-flowing powders, wet powders or bridge builing powders. These feeders can be upgraded with a scale and used in a gravimetric loss-in-weight or batch feeding process at any time. Numerous different feeding tools are easily replaceable that facilitate adaption to the powders in order to find the best possible feeding quality and precision [...]


The BS-300 combines innovative design with the highest quality and flexibility, meeting today’s requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The versatile machine concept is designed for thermoforming and cold forming processes. ADVANTAGES BLISTER MACHINE BS-300 • State-of-the-art concept • cGMP compliant balcony design • Cost-efficient even at small production batches • Quick & easy format changeovers [...]

Aseptic Processing

What is Aseptic Processing? Aseptic processing is the method of producing a sterile product in which sterile bulk drugs or other sterile materials are filled and enclosed in sterile packaging containers, in a controlled environment where the supply of air, materials, equipment and operators are carefully regulated and controlled to control microbial and particulate contamination [...]

Ezi-Strap™ Double Tie & Cut System

The Ezi-Strap™ Liner Tensioning System is an easy to use Double Tie and Cut Solution for use with Continuous Liner Filling, Isolator Applications and Bag-Out waste requirements. Using either the manual or pneumatic Ezi-Strap™ Tensioner, the Ez-Strap™ is simple to apply and offers high containment capability with a demonstrated performance of less than 1μg/m3 (OEB5) [...]

API Containment Isolators

API Isolators provide the highest levels of containment for handling toxic compounds. The manufacturing of Active and Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API and HPAPI) has become a growth area within the industry. There is an ever-increasing demand for higher containment, improved operator protection and equipment integration, as well as preventing cross-contamination within facilities. Each [...]


I Holland offer a variety of tablet compression accessories. Scroll down to see the various options to accompany your set of tooling. Bellows & Drip Cups Granule contamination during the tabletting process can cause costly manufacturing problems. Punch Bellows and Drip Cups help to prevent tablet and punch guide contamination during the tablet compression process. [...]

Integrated lines for ampoules and vials

Process concepts for minimal operating personnel intervention … The manufacturing of large quantities requires highly automated process concepts. To achieve this goal, machines for the basic processing steps like washing, sterilising, filling and closing are integrated in a production line. The large throughput capacities allow for low manufacturing costs. The reduced operator impact on the [...]