Ezi-Flow UV-C | Ezidock

Aseptic Transfer System using UV-C Light In researching and developing the Ezi-Flow UVC Aseptic Transfer system we consulted widely with existing Pharma and Bio-Pharma customers whose levels of satisfaction with existing aseptic transfer processes were very low. Wiping is simply not reliably effective and gassing with peroxide vapour is costly, unsafe and wasteful. Our simpler, [...]

Tooling Accessories

I Holland offer a variety of tablet compression accessories. Scroll down to see the various options to accompany your set of tooling. Bellows & Drip Cups Granule contamination during the tabletting process can cause costly manufacturing problems. Punch Bellows and Drip Cups help to prevent tablet and punch guide contamination during the tablet compression process. [...]

F2W Benchtop Powder Filling Systems

F2W Benchtop Powder Filling Systems with integrated weighing All the benefits of the world leading Fill2Weight technology in a benchtop format. The F2W bench-top range has been designed with pharmaceutical and biotechnology filling applications in mind to respond to the rise in the development of personalised medicines requiring low-volume cGMP manufacture, and a high degree of flexibility. [...]

Filling & Closing of Vials

Reliable and cost-effective processing Vials and bottles – the most common containers to preserve liquid medicines – regardless whether parenteral or not. Versatile applications call for a variety of vial sizes and closures. All of them must be processed reliably and economically. ROTA provides such solutions for you. For highest performance Variety characterises the ROTA [...]

Feeders | Three Tec

Flat-Tray Feeders Precise volumetric and gravimetric feeding of hardly to free-flowing powders, wet powders or bridge builing powders. These feeders can be upgraded with a scale and used in a gravimetric loss-in-weight or batch feeding process at any time. Numerous different feeding tools are easily replaceable that facilitate adaption to the powders in order to find the best possible feeding [...]

SC-I- X-ray and Vision

X-ray scanner for integration into filling systems The SC-I- X-ray and Vision has been developed to scan solid, viscous and liquid products in deep-drawn or thermoformed containers. This cutting-edge scanner is a space-saving solution for the inspection (foreign body detection and fill level control) of sealed containers. The SC-I- X-ray and Vision is seamlessly integrated into [...]

Restricted Access Barrier Systems

Operators pose the greatest risk to product contamination during ‘conventional cleanroom’ aseptic processing. Many different barriers of varying capabilities have been used to separate operators from critical sites during aseptic processing with the objective of reducing the probability of a contaminated unit. These range from simple flexible curtains used on many traditional aseptic processing lines [...]