Powder Filling Machine Pharma | Lab Dosator | 3pinnovation

Lab Dosator Lab Dosator is part of 3P innovation’s Pharma Equipment Discover Range, which fully replicates commercial dosator based powder dispensing, at a laboratory scale. It can therefore screen pharmaceutical powder formulations for suitability with commercial machinery. It also automatically produces representative early phase clinical supplies. The system can be configured to replicate the full range [...]

Pharma Process Equipment | Hot Cutter

In our process equipment range, you will find a wide variety of peripheral devices to cover all your needs. Pelletizer Hot cutter Spheronizer Conveyor belt laboratory Cooling conveyor belt Cooling bath Film roller Rewinder Calender Stuffer feeder Side feeder High Quality Process Equipment In our process equipment range, you will find a large selection of [...]

Horizontal Pouch Packaging Machine | NF 140

We are supplier of horizontal pouch packaging machine in India and here we introduce about the all in one equipment  NF 140. Higher Performance Packaging Machines, easy and quick changeover, flexible and efficient. Ideal for medium sachets sizes, unitary, twin, spout, zipper and shapes. Major application for all kind of products and sectors. Easy Operation, Low cost of [...]

Aseptic Isolators

Aseptic isolators are routinely found within the pharmaceutical industry and are widely used for sterile injectable drug filling and sterile & pharmacy drug compounding. They are designed to provide continuous and complete isolation of the inside of the isolator from the external room environment (including its operators). This ensures that the environment is maintained as [...]

Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer

Vacuum, mixing and homogenizing systems  Individually designed all-round systems for maximum flexibility and productivity at the highest level. For the manufacture of emulsions and suspensions in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, the requirements of mixing systems are as diverse as the product ranges and manufacturing processes. The Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer is the ideal solution for the [...]

Automated Powder Compaction Analysis System | D500 & D1000

The first fully automated powder compaction analysis system developed by GAMLEN. The Development Series: D500 & D1000. The Gamlen D series includes the Gamlen Powder Compaction Analyzer and Tablet Tensile Analyzer (TTA). 21CFR11 Compliant Option Application Generate USP <1062> compaction data Assess and optimise tablet lubrication Fast and effective formulation development Alternative supplier evaluation Process or formulation change [...]