Advantages of Track and Trace Machines

Tracking and tracing is believed to be the best solution in today’s era by major companies. The total product safety is the basic necessity of each and every customer from producers to distributing to the customers where the product reached is a concern.

Tracking and tracing is the best solution for the safety of the drugs. Tracking and tracing is the identification in the drug industries and key feature which guarantees the drug authentication. The modular machine portfolio’s main aim is to serialization and weighing, Temper evident and many more types of identified packaging which helps in increasing the security level of the product. When we are applying the track and trace properly then we can track that drug throughout the supply chain and trace back up the supply chain upon return and call. Hence for the distribution of the many kinds of products tracking and tracing should be the must in every industry.


⦁ Track and Trace machine is quick and easy to handle all in one machine.
⦁ Track and trace is a very useful machine for tracking any kind of a product packaged and disparage from the production house.
⦁ Track and trace is a very compact and multi-functional machine that can be easily operated.
⦁ Track and Trace machine is used to increase the productivity of the product in sales.
⦁ Track and trace also reduce the theft rate and fraud cases of the products which are manufactured in the industries.


⦁ Wipotech is producing innovative and dependable partners for the high performance of the manufacturing of unique products.
⦁ Wipotech is developing a highly flexible track and trace machine that is reliable and easy to operate by the customers.
⦁ Wipotech has successfully integrated state of the art OEM integration solution into packaging machines.
⦁ All the Wipotech OCS products and integration solutions are developed with higher skill engineers.
⦁ Wipotech – OCS is an ISO certified and authorized one for the conformity evaluation according to module D of the ‘Measuring Instruments Directive'(MID, 2014/32/EU).

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