Why Choose Chargebag?

Why Choose Ezi-Flow Pharma Chargebags? Some users of traditional rigid process containers have found them to be expensive to clean and manage, and potentially inefficient when discharging their contents. The high performance of the patented Ezi-Dock docking ring system has helped to reinvent this specialised market, however, and  our Single-Use Pharma Chargebag now provides a [...]

DWS Compact Machine by Wipotec

DWS stands for dimension, Weighing and Scanning machine. It is a three in one machine which is doing function of volume, weight and bar code of your packages (up to 120 kg)  and are completely, easily and dependably recorded. The user-friendly controls ensure convenient handling. Dimension is the Volume measurement system whatever shape size, accurate [...]

Best Roller Compactor and its Advantages

in Today’s, Pharma industries dry granulation process is considered to be the necessary part for tablet and capsule forming. Roller Compactor plays an important role over here by converting the raw material into a fine powder. The process is conducted between two counters which are rotating the roll and presses the raw materials into a [...]

Lean Phase Conveying Machine and Its Applications

Lean phase conveying systems are the elementary solution for transferring bulk materials that do not require particle preservation and are not abrasive.  The Gericke Rotaval range includes easy-clean valves, welded and machined stainless steel bodies for Pharma, and hygienic executions for nutrition.  Its advantage lies in the versatility of products that can be conveyed as [...]

Workflow for Blica 300 Line

Workflow for the BLICA 300 line 1. Integrated forming film support The forming film is positioned in a user-friendly manner, enabling the operator to quickly change out the film. The diameter of the film roll is monitored by a sensor that issues a visual and auditory warning if the film falls below a minimum amount. [...]