When it comes to the containment industry, we can say that India is back in the game now. It has seen superior growth and improvement than it was previously. Thanks to the transparent regulatory regime in India that has opened the doors for world-class players to look at India with expectations. India has a massive patient population and the cost of manufacturing is significantly low compared to other countries. It makes India a darling hub for the global containment industry. You will witness a perceptible growth in the next couple of years in the Indian containment industry evidently.

However, the scenario is not as simple and promising as it seems. There are a few challenges that need to be addressed. The first and foremost thing is quality assurance. It is the primary thing that businesses look for in any organization. India clearly needs to set its bars high when it comes to quality assurance and control. If this issue is solved, India can be a major influencer in the world containment market.

The 2nd thing is research and development. India needs to invest more in R&D to make processes more streamlined and straightforward. More and more biotech start-ups must be supported to produce high-quality, superior, and trendsetter products. Innovation is the key for any business to grow. Inos takes pride to bring an innovative approach to the Indian containment industry by offering quality products and scalable technology solutions to serve the industry.