Gamlen Manufacturer Series | M500 | M1000

The Gamlen M-SERIES Packages : A portable benchtop tablet press for the small scale manufacture of custom tablets Application Clinical trial and phase 1 product manufacture Manufacture of test product batches Formulation comparisons Excipient compatibility studies Generation of USP <1062> data Quickly manufacture small batches of tablets under tightly controlled conditions Unique Benefits Include: Suitable for [...]

Continuous Processing Systems | CTM | Symex

Continuous Processing Systems is one of the best production method in which material is processed continuously in large amount of quantities without taking much time. Continuous manufacturing of cosmetic and chemical products with the modular symex dosing line: Individual version:  Customer-specific systems for all products and throughput sizes Highest level of flexibility: Modular dosing line [...]

Hypergienic Rotary Valve

State-of-the-art for pharma and food Developed in co-operation with the pharmaceutical industry, the fully fabricated design embodies a range of detailed features that validate the design and construction for the dedicated purpose. There is a fast clean version and an easy clean railed version. + Meet the highest standards RotaVal Hypergienic Rotary Valves are designed [...]

Mixing Systems | Muhr

The Muhr 3D.S mixer is a free-fall mixing systems in which the mixing container is gimbal-mounted. Two rotation axes are positioned perpendicularly to one another and are powered independently. The turning direction and rotational speed of both axes is subject to continual and independent change. Thanks to these innovative, irregular motion dynamics you attain mixing [...]

Cartoning Solutions

Our pack layout design engineers are pioneers in blister pack design and innovation. For every blister card designed by Prodieco, immense consideration is given to the parameters and limitations presented by the blister machine, product shape, feeding method, base and leading foil combinations, and tooling optimisation. This allows us to produce the most reliable blister [...]