Sterility Test Isolators

The sterility test is perhaps one of the most critical tests performed by the microbiologist and yet very little of the methodology has changed since its inception. The one area that has changed is the environment in which the test is undertaken Traditionally, sterility testing has been performed within a laminar flow hood (GMP Grade [...]


Three-Tec develops high-quality volumetric and gravimetric feed units and extruders together with peripheral equipment such as spheronizers, granulators, hot die faces, conveyor belts, and water baths. They impress due to their easy cleaning, simple handling, and flexible adjustment to process requirements. Versatile options to integrate them into the production processes or test and laboratory applications of research and [...]


PERFECT MIXING QUALITY UNSURPASSED EFFICIENCY The Muhr 3D.S mixer is a free-fall mixer in which the mixing container is gimbal-mounted. Two rotation axes are positioned perpendicularly to one another and are powered independently. The turning direction and rotational speed of both axes is subject to continual and independent change. Thanks to these innovative, irregular motion [...]


I Holland offers a variety of tablet compression accessories. Bellows & Drip Cups Granule contamination during the tableting process can cause costly manufacturing problems. Punch Bellows and Drip Cups help to prevent the tablet and punch guide contamination during the tablet compression process. All silicone Bellows and Drip cups supplied by I Holland are 100% [...]

Ezi-Flow™ CSV4 All Plastic

Campaign Use / Disposable High Containment Transfer System Launched in October 2014, the brand new all-plastic Ezi-Flow™ CSV All Plastic, Single-Use High Containment System provides a highly effective but simple and disposable transfer solution for the Pharma and Biopharma industries. Innovative design and construction provide the ultimate combination of high containment and low cost. The [...]

HC-M-MDi-SL- Metal Detection

The solid combination for heavy loads This machine is for heavy load and a high-tech combination scale and metal detector, together in one compact unit that sets the quality standard in terms of product safety. The entire system is controlled via the menu-driven, user-friendly controls of the checkweigher. The central control point conveniently manages the [...]

Lab Dosator

Lab Dosator is one of 3P innovation’s range of instrumented laboratory powder processing solutions. The system fully replicates commercial dosator based powder dispensing, at a laboratory scale. It can therefore screen pharmaceutical powder formulations for suitability with commercial machinery. It also automatically produces representative early phase clinical supplies. The system can be configured to replicate the full range [...]

Kilo Labs and Fume Cabinets

Whether for use in research, as a pilot-plant or for full production, kilolabs are frequently utilized within pharmaceutical facilities. Our kilo lab containment enclosures can provide a high level of operator protection from dust, vapour and liquids, whilst allowing ease of access for maintenance. Capable of providing OELs below 10 μg/m3, our cGMP compliant enclosures [...]


The BL-400’s modular design concept allows to process a high variation of products and enables easy implementation of upgrades in the future. This high-performance blister machine can handle thermo as well as cold formable materials. Due to the machine’s sturdy and ergonomic design, flexible, reliable, and economical automation of the individual packaging process can be [...]