Special Bespoke Isolators

  Howorth is a market leader in providing innovative containment solutions. Utilizing our clean air engineering expertise, we can create safe and clean working environments for Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical organisations. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in designing bespoke isolator systems to suit a variety of processes, ensures we provide our customers with solutions to [...]


The CA-300 is a continuously working cartoner with a machine output of up to 400 folding boxes per minute. Blisters, bottles, vials, ampoules, tubes, sachets, pouches, medical technology and cosmetics can be packaged and a wide variety of plug-in and adhesive closures as well as various designs and materials can be processed. BENEFITS CARTONER CA-300 | CA-400 [...]

Liquid Fill-Finish

F2V is a sterile liquid fill-finish platform perfect for lab-scale and clinical manufacture thanks to its bench top format. This technology fills syringes, vials, bottles, catridges and custom containers (including diagnostics) in the same machine, with a fast changeover time of less than five minutes. F2V helps in multiple ways.  Use it to: De-risk filling and finishing [...]

HC-FL-T – Catchweigher

Triple Scale Catchweigher - Six virtual scales combined into one system The HC-FL-T catchweigher combines three hardware scales into six virtual scales. All scales are able to work independent of one another. This design feature allows for significantly shorter product gaps. The triple scale design delivers a 60% throughput increase at the same speed compared [...]

Gericke Cone Mill

The Gericke Cone Mill GCN complete the range of size reduction equipment in achieving very fine particles and in  increasing the bulk density. Screen sizes range from 2mm to 150 µ. Principle of operation The Cone Mill incorporates a vertically mounted rotating tool which moves the material across a conical static serrated screen introducing a [...]

IBC Glands and Fittings

Ezi-Dock™ Systems manufacture and supply an extensive range of IBC Glands, Caps, Valves and Ancillary Fittings. All products are manufactured from materials that fully comply with both EU and US FDA Food Contact Regulations. Ezi-Dock™ products can be supplied in HDPE and with Viton O Rings in order to be compatible with certain chemical compounds [...]


  Three-Tec develops high-quality volumetric and gravimetric feed units and extruders together with peripheral equipment such as spheronizers, granulators, hot die faces, conveyor belts and water baths. They impress due to their easy cleaning, simple handling and flexible adjustment to process requirements. Versatile options to integrate them into the production processes or test and laboratory applications of research [...]


Tool management and the knowledge of the availability and condition of tools is becoming increasingly important for a variety and of primary importance for a number of reasons. The first is that tracking the punches and dies used to make pharmaceutical tablets, nutraceutical supplements and confectionery products are subject to legislation and auditory compliance in [...]

R500 & R1000 – Capsule Filling

Reach 'First-in-Human' milestones faster.  Compressing clinical development timescales and reducing costs, the R500/1000 provides a highly flexible and scalable powder filling capability for capsules, devices and other containers. The R500/R1000 machine range provides the opportunity to reduce or eliminate 'formulation for filling' steps in a new development; Integrating our world-leading Fill2Weight technology, it is capable of handling the most challenging [...]