Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machines

High break resistance ... ampoules - the perfect place to store parenteral liquids. Of course, filling and closing can only be done under optimal, sterile conditions. To ensure a high level of security and reliability, the right technical solution and decades of experience are required. Maximum flexibility for the best conditions ... A multitude of options ensures [...]

CARTONER CA-150 | CA-120M | CA-100L

Our intermittent motion cartoners can be used to pack solid and liquid dose products, such as blisters, bottles, vials, tubes, inhalers, pouches, and other medical devices. This cartoner meets the highest requirements in process reliability, versatility, and accessibility. ADVANTAGES CARTONER CA-150 | CA-120M | CA-100L • State-of-the-art concept • Quick & easy format changeover • [...]

Diverter Valves

The possibility of using diverter valves in a pipeline to divert or converge product streams makes pneumatic conveying technology so flexible. Gericke offers diverter valves for lean phase as well as for dense phase conveying. The PS pipe selector valve is a hygienic, inspectable design, used for health food and nutrition segments.   PS Pipe [...]

Flat-Tray Feeders

Precise volumetric and gravimetric feeding of hardly to free flowing powders, wet powders or bridge builing powders. These feeders can be upgraded with a scale and used in a gravimetric loss-in-weight or batch feeding process at any time.Numerous different feeding tools are easily replaceable that facilitate adaption to the powders in order to find the [...]

Vision Systems

Does Vision Inspection play an important part in the manufacture of your product or device? In response to the ever-growing request for our vision system expertise, we have developed an in-house Vision Work-Station. This allows faster support for up-front feasibility testing, process de-risking and demonstrations. The best methods and technologies for a particular Vision System [...]

Muhr Mixing Technology

3D.S MIXING SYSTEMS PERFECT MIXING QUALITY UNSURPASSED EFFICIENCY The Muhr 3D.S mixer is a free-fall mixer in which the mixing container is gimbal-mounted. Two rotation axes are positioned perpendicularly to one another and are powered independently. The turning direction and rotational speed of both axes is subject to continual and independent change. Thanks to these [...]

Tablet Specification Solutions

Tablet specification issues can take many forms and below we look at three of the most common problems along with their possible solutions. There are many other challenges that may need to be addressed so please get in touch with us if yours is not covered here. Tablet Hardness This specifically refers to friability and [...]

Downflow Booths

Containment by airflow is a well proven concept taken to new levels by Howorth’s air engineers. Our booths utilise a unidirectional flow of air which is passed through ceiling mounted distribution screens or HEPA filters ensuring a controlled flow of air. This airflow can be directed to carry contaminants away from the breathing zone of [...]

SoloFLEX Universal processing isolator for any laboratory setting

Our classic flexible film isolator that is popular in lots of laboratory settings. The cleaning and validation of a hardshell isolator is an inconvenience to some and a complete impossibility for others. The soloFLEX needs neither cleaning nor validation between campaigns. Simply collapse and start afresh. By introducing single-use technology to your lab operations you [...]