SC I X ray and Vision

The SC I X ray and Vision has been developed to scan solid, viscous and liquid products in deep-drawn or thermoformed containers. This cutting-edge scanner is a space-saving solution for the inspection (foreign body detection and fill level control) of sealed containers.

X-ray scanner for integration into filling systems

The SC-I- X-ray and Vision is seamlessly integrated into the filling line, mechanically as well as electronically. The scanner is mounted downstream of the sealing station, just outside of the sterile section of the filling line. This is to ensure that all quality control criteria are still met by only scanning sealed products. A single layer of unseparated containers is fed through the scanner. The scan is performed during a standstill.

Key Features
  • High-performance camera detector with the highest resolution
  • Type-approved metal-ceramics tubes
  • Servo technology for the motors
Your Benefits
  • Reliable inspection of sealed containers for highest productivity
  • Minimum space requirements due to integration into filling machines

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