Why to use Bi-layer Tablet Press machines?

The tablet compression machine is playing an important role in the pharmaceutical industries. And with continuous research and development in medical science, many new drugs are invented every year. The basic function of the tablet press machine is to compress the powder or granules in to the shape which is required by the medicine. Tablet press machine is also known as Pill press. The main thing is it produces each and every tablet with the uniform shape and size. Tablet press is of two types’ single layer and bi-layer. Here out of both Bi-layer is the most innovative high performance tablet press machine for R & D development. Best results can only be achieved with a perfect interaction of compression forces, dosing and formulation.

Advantages of Bi-Layer Tablet press
• The tablet press of kg Pharma is being able to produce large and small batches.
• It is very flexible and easy to use for manufacturing bi-layer tablets.
• It is cost effective bi-layer tablet press machine.
• It is most suitable for companies with high production requirements for tablets.
• Bi-layer tablet press machine gives high accuracy and more consistent.

Why to use Kg-Pharma’s Bi-Layer Tablet press
• kg-Pharma offers tablet presses designed for R&D purposes and the production of small batches.
• kg-pharma relies on German engineering and European manufacturing.
• Their machines focus on intuitive operation, mobility and ultimate production flexibility.
• They have developed truly innovative turrets for the tablet presses.
• Kg-pharma produces the tablet press machines for manufacturing the small batch tablets in pharmaceutical industries beneficial.