Why to choose 3P’s MicroAuger

Micro Auger is the machine that is designed for filling of a precise powder in a clean and sterile environment. It is mainly designed for a liquid filling reconstitutable injection device, vials, cartridges, syringes, inhalers, and sachets. Micro auger machine comprises of high accuracy. It is used in a clean room and Aseptic environment. Filling head of a micro auger is an Autoclave that sterilize the liquid.

Advantages of Micro Auger

      Good Quality: The filling of the product with the help of the Micro auger machine is of good quality as it is enhanced with the reduced dose weight.

      Low Cost Effective: A  Micro auger is a cost-effective machine as it easily maintained and affordable machine.

      Lower Risk: Micro Auger provides Lab2line solution which is providing scalability due to which it lower the risk.

      Configurable Volumetric: The volumetric system can be used in conjunction with a check weigher to provide feedback control for free-flowing powders.

Why use 3P Micro Auger

      3P innovation ltd offers the standard technologies and machine platform which help customers develop and commercialize new product fasters.

⦁      3P innovation ltd manufactures the products at a lower cost and lower risk.

⦁      It is also specialized in medical device assembly and test.

⦁      3P is providing a wide range of products and solutions. And manufacturing the best quality of the product.

⦁      3P offers a range of time and money-saving standard equipment that adds significant value to some of the world’s largest pharma industries.