Weighing and Metal detection Machine- An innovative Solution


The Metal Detectors and Check Weighing Machines provide superior reliable product inspection, measuring exact product weights and detecting metallic contaminants. It is very helpful in reducing the time and the cost of performing manual inspections.  The combination checkweigher and metal detector system provides an all-in-one system delivering both high accuracy weighing and metal detection from one piece of equipment. Weighing and metal detection machine is saving the space and cost of the industries by measuring weighing and inspecting the metal from one single machine. This machine is a high-tech combination scale and metal detector, together in one compact unit that sets the quality standard in terms of product safety.

Key features of Weighing and metal detection machine

  • Entire machine in stainless steel housing with in feed, weighing, and out feed belts.
  • Certified and maintenance free weighing machine.
  • Easy, tool-free exchange of belts and conveyors and maintenance free machine.
  • Flexible integration in production lines.

Advantages of Weighing and metal detection machine

  • It is providing maximum throughput 250 ppm/min.
  • Exact fill results for higher productivity is needed and provided to us by weighing and metal detection machine.
  • Efficiency improvement through simple and user-friendly controls in the machine.
  • One machine doing both the works of weighing and metal detection.
  • Requirements-based modularity for the greatest flexibility.
  • It is totally customized and provided according to the need of the customers.

Why to choose Wipotec- OCS?

  • Wipotech is producing innovative and dependable partners for the high performance of the manufacturing of unique products.
  • Wipotech is developing a highly flexible weighing and metal detection machine that is reliable and easy to operate by the customers.
  • Wipotech has successfully integrated state of the art OEM integration solution into packaging machines.
  • All the Wipotech OCS products and integration solutions are developed with higher skill engineers.
  • Wipotech – OCS is an ISO certified and authorized one for the conformity evaluation according to module D of the ‘Measuring Instruments Directive’ (MID, 2014/32/EU).