Various Material Handling Machinery and its Usage

Material Handling machines are the kind of machines that are used for the movement, storage, control and transporting the material from one place to another safely. This is more used in warehousing, factories, industries and even in the shops for goods transferring. Material handling machines come in different ways manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. During the whole process, this material handling equipments act differently for different processes. Simply material handling is the transferring of goods for a short distance and carrying it safely.


  • Material handling boosts the energy of the workflow and gets the workflow in streamline.
  • Reduce the manpower and protect the goods from damage.
  • Also, increase the safety of the workers while transferring the goods.
  • Due to the use of Material, handling equipment time consumption would be less.
  • Facilitate product control through better monitoring and management.

Types of Material Handling Machine

  • BINS

                     Intermediate bulk container plays a major role in carrying a large amount of liquid or particulates in a big container at the time of processes. It is considered as an intermediate step of the whole manufacturing process.

  • Drums

The drum is the cylindrical shaped container which is used for the shipping of bulk materials. Drums are also called as the barrel. Every single drum meets with the specific demands of the pharmaceutical, food, plastics, or semi-conductor industries, biotechnology, fine chemicals and cosmetics and is produced in accordance with GMP guidelines. All drums can be manufactured in single-unit or serial production.

  • Lifting & Tilting Drum

                Lifting and tilting are very useful for the drums which make the work of the industrialist very easy and quick. In general terms, Lifter is the one which is used for the purpose of lifting the loads, and tilting is the one which is supporting the machine at the time of shifting material from a core to the drums.

  • Mobile Lifter

                                 It is used for lifting and handling anything that requires a hygienic forklift. The mobile lifter comes in two types manual and automatic.

Mobile Weigh platform

                  Forklift with integrated weighing system for challenging applications. It is having a robust hand pallet truck.

 Pallet trucks

It is used for transporting and lifting the pallets and it is the kind of wheeled trolleys so that it can be easily handled. It is commonly seen in the warehouse, stockrooms and many more.