Vacuum Conveyor and Its Usage

The powder material needs to be transferred in a network of tubing from the pickup point or source to the customer’s process in industries. Here the work comes of Vacuum conveyor. Vacuum conveying solutions have been designed to assist in loading and refilling processes, driven by venturi ejector. Most Vacuum Conveying System transfer product based on a timed interval to the vacuum receiver. At the end of the timed sequence the discharge valve can open and the material conveyed can discharge in to the process. Gericke’s range of package vacuum conveying systems has been designed to transport powders, granules and most bulk solids. The modular design provides the opportunity to adapt the components to many different process applications, including: sack & FIBC unloading and transport to feeders, mixers, mills and packaging lines.

Advantages of Vacuum Conveyor

  • Vacuum conveying system is a simple dust free method of conveying with few moving parts.
  • It is easy to maintain and cost effective.
  • It is very easy and quick to use without using any additional equipment in it.
  • The units dismantle into component form for cleaning and validation.
  • Efficient conveying method of powders and low power consumption.

Applications of the Vacuum Conveyor

  • Chemicals
  • Food and Pet Food
  • Foodgrade solution for Nutraceuticals
  • Conveying of tablets and compacted particles
  • Dye stuff and powder coating
  • Pellet transfer and Sack unloading.
  • FIBC discharging and many more.

Why  to use gericke’s Vacuum Conveyor machine?

  • Gericke believes in expertise and skilled of their esteemed employees.
  • Gericke manufactures outstanding product quality and always eager to produce something innovative.
  • The company established a strong development philosophy for expansion and growth.
  • Gericke follows high ethical standards.
  • Gericke designs and manufactures powder processing equipment and systems.