Unit Dosage Filling and Sealing Machine

Unit dosage filling and sealing machine is a  very useful machine. It is a Semi-Automatic equipment which is used for the filling and sealing of injected pre-molded strips of unit dose. A unit dosage machine which is used for the filling and packaging of a liquid product which is mostly utilized in cosmetics, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, and many more other packaging industries. The purpose of unit dose packaging is to give a particular measure of one item in a single measuring unit making it a helpful solution for the users.

The new patented welding method is the result of stringent research and testing which allows the possibility to operate on a flat shaped.

Advanatges of  Unit Dosage and sealing

Eliminating the inaccurate dosing concern as it is useful for packaging particular measure of single item.

Reducing the unnecessary cost by buying particular amount of dosage how much is needed.

With the help of the unit dosage filling and sealing machine it is easy to find potentially damaged containers.

Unit Dosage filling and sealing machine is having an electronic  documentation  for easy monitoring.

The machine of filling performs  simultaneous work  of the strips by 5 dosing nozzles and then the welding and the shaping of the extreme portion of the tube through a patented system.

Why to use TM’s Unit Dosage and Sealing

TM’s working methodology in all processes guarantees the highest quality standard for the customers.

The professionality of TM and its team accompanies the customer throughout the every projects.

TM offers special machines for filling or vacuum casting which are of excellent quality.

TM is specialized in two sectors: the pharmaceutical / cosmetic and the industrial one.

In industrial field TM’s design and manufacturing its own component starting from basic valve to the dosing and micro dosing of fluids.