Robotic Capsule Filling System with its Advantages.

Manufacturing of the medicine and medication machine both is expensive and time-consuming. Robotic Capsule Filler name itself tells us that this machine is basically used for filling the capsule spray-dried, pure API, blended, freeze-dried, and biological powders. Robotic capsule filler of 3p is the world’s fastest, gravimetric powder micro-dosing technology.

Advantage of Robotic Capsule Filler

⦁              The machine is multi-purpose it can be used for both medicine filling and device filling too.

⦁              The fill2weight technology is extremely versatile and it can be used for a wide range of powders.

⦁              Robotic Capsule Filler is a high-speed filling and easily scaled for commercial manufacture.

⦁              Easy to from one place to another like from the cleanroom to the lab room.

⦁              Infinitely variable dose weight is accepted without tooling change.

Why use 3P’s Robotic Capsule Filler?

⦁              3P innovation ltd offers the standard technologies and machine platform which help customers develop and commercialize new product fasters.

⦁              3P innovation ltd manufactures the products at a lower cost and lower risk.

⦁              It is also specialized in medical device assembly and test.

⦁              3P is providing a wide range of products and solutions. And manufacturing the best quality of the product.

⦁              3P offers a range of time and money-saving standard equipment that adds significant value to some of the world’s largest pharma industries.

⦁              3P innovation limited understands the challenges of the customers and develops the technology and machine which will help the customers to manage the complete life cycle of the product.