Right Containment Equipment for Pharma Industries

In any kind of industry, the safety of the workers is at the first priority and even many of the rules are also disclosed by the government for the safety of the workers in the industries, warehouses, and many more things. An increase in safety rules and regulations for the workforce imposes strict control of operator exposure. And with the increase of production efficiency and powder being more and more active, here at this stage a higher level of safety is required of the workers. Here the single-use system offers some of the most advanced containment solutions. They provide enough elongation to offer a suitable solution to containment during a range of processes and machines and have more than enough seal strength to ensure that the product isn’t going to escape mid-process.

Advantages of Containment Equipments

  • Due to the containment product never comes in contact with the workers or even external surface.
  • The contamination process ensures that powder doesn’t come in contact and can be safely moved from the vessel to the drum without being exposed.
  • Contamination decreases the level of time of workers.
  • Containment products are very easy to use and simple in design.
  • It increases the productivity of the workers.

Different types of Contamination Equipment

  • API Containment Isolator

API isolators provide the highest levels of containment for handling these toxic compounds. Each isolator is a bespoke build to meet the client’s requirements and processes.

  • Clean-room Chamber

This cleaning chamber has a special design because the needed opening mechanisms are integrated into the cleaning process. It is used as a cleaning chamber in many of the Pharma industries.

Ezi flow bags

Ezi-Flow™ CSV All Plastic, Single-Use High Containment System provides a highly effective but simple and disposable transfer solution for the Pharma industries.

  • Pharmaceutical charge-bags

Pharma chargebags are the one used in Pharma industries specialized for the packaging process and it is available in both rigid and flexible, to ensure that the needs and preferences of all users can be met.