NF-110 Flat Series

High productivity on a very small space floor. Ideal for small sachets 3 or 4 sides seal, unitary, twin and strings. Major application for powders, solid and pasty products.


Easy Operation, Low cost of Maintenance, Reduced Energy’s Expenditure Minimum Billing in Spare Parts and Ecofriendly.

Main Features

Ergonomic Monoblock on Balcony Frame.

Motorized Unwinder with End of Reel Detector.

Machine Screws in AISI 304.

Expandable Reel Support for Easy Mechanical Adjustment with no tooling (Manual )

Clean and Accessible Filling Stations:

Watertight Hoppers.

Areas in Contact with Product in AISI 304.

Pneumatic Funnel Vibrator.

Opener Pharma Type with Internal Drive.

Vacuum Pump / Vacuum Controlled by Venturi.

Easy Change Scissors.

Dynamic Pouch Stretching Prior top Seal.

High Resistance Protections on Unwinder.

B&R Automation with Ethernet Connection.

High-Resolution Touch Screen 8,4″

Ultimate Generation Servomotors

Recipe Backup by USB

Remote IP Assistance


Connectivity with Peripherals: Metal Detector, Weight Control, Printers (Inkjet, Laser), etc.

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