Multi Tip Tooling

Increasing productivity within modern tablet production is an on-going challenge and we at I Holland are always striving to assist our partners in their quest for increased capacity, therefore we have developed our range of Multiple Tip tablet tooling. I Holland have been leading the way in the production of multi tip tools for over 25 years; this experience has culminated in today’s impressive array of configuration options to suit many products.


  • Increase in productivity – Number of tablets per turret rotation is multiplied by the number of tips.
  • No large capital outlay on new tablet presses mean that higher tooling costs are easily outweighed by increased output.
  • Reduction in press run-time per output of tablets means that less maintenance is required per batch of tablets produced.
  • Reduction in press setup-time per output of tablets.
  • Less tablet presses required to satisfy output therefore requiring less floor space leading to more product produced per square meter.
  • All of the above lead to reduction in overall plant running costs.