Muhr Residue-free Loading


Perfect, residue-free loading with the Muhr MVS-TD bulk loading system with sealable telescopic tubes or the Muhr BSS Bellows-Stretch-System.In certain cases, bulk material residues in loading devices are not wanted, e.g. for hygiene reasons, due to the risk of fire or explosion, or in the case of a product change. Vibrating units on the nozzle head for the cleaning of the loading bellows are frequently insufficient for this purpose, as product residues remain in the folds of the loading bellows. With the Muhr BSS bellows stretch system or the Muhr MVS-TD telescopic pipe system, residue-free loading is guaranteed. Reliable and safe.


In comparison with loading bellows, hardly any product residues are able to deposit on the smooth inner walls of telescopic pipes. The disadvantage of conventional telescopic pipes, however, is that dust is able to escape from between the individual pipes. Not with the Muhr MVS-TD. The ultimate loading telescope. Highly flexible. Absolutely dust-free.


With the use of the Muhr BSS Bellows-Stretch-System, the walls of the top and bottom bellows are alternatively stretched or folded. This ensures that bulk goods residue is reliably cleared out of the folds of the loading bellows. During the stretching and folding, the loading nozzle is held tightly in place in the tank opening by the pneumatic MVS sealing collar so that it cannot be lifted by the stretching device.