Get better Tableting By Punches and Dies of I Holland!

Tableting machines find broad interest in the pharmaceutical businesses because of an enormous inclination by the patients to consume the medication in the form of tablets. As a result, the companies must be well equipped with machinery in order to cater to this demand for tablets or capsules of various size & shape. Punches and dies are the tools for tableting machines that are used in tablet creation.  Before manufacturing any tablet of a particular size and shape, its die is created. A punch, on the other hand, is used for creating impressions on the tablet surface. iHolland is focused all in their experience and manufacturing know-how on precision engineering the very best tool for the tablet that is being produced.

Advantages of Punches and Dies

  • Punches and dies are made customized according to the customers requirement.
  • With the help of punches and dies tablet can be made of whatever size and shape according to your requirement.
  • It is cost effective way to increase the production of the tablets.
  • It requires less time in manufacturing the tablets.
  • Punches are applicable to many types of materials.
  • It is easy and quicker setup for tablet manufacturing.

Why to choose iHolland?

  • I Holland shaped tablet tooling is completely interchangeable as standard.
  • I Holland have been making quality punches and dies for the Pharmaceutical Industry for over 70 years.
  • I Holland’s advanced machining technology ensures the position of the keyway relative to the punch tip is extremely accurate.
  • We are the world’s best-known manufacturer of tablet punches and dies.
  • I Holland is well-known for its quality of products and speed of response.
  • They provide excellent customer services.