Ezi-Flow UV-C | Ezidock

Aseptic Transfer System using UV-C Light

In researching and developing the Ezi-Flow UVC Aseptic Transfer system we consulted widely with existing Pharma and Bio-Pharma customers whose levels of satisfaction with existing aseptic transfer processes were very low. Wiping is simply not reliably effective and gassing with peroxide vapour is costly, unsafe and wasteful. Our simpler, neater and radically more cost-effective solution also requires very little training.


The Ezi-Flow UV-C System provides:

•    Speed: Sterilise to Log 6 in less than 1 minute
•    Low Cost: System requires fewer services and less manpower
•    Safety: Replaces messy VHP with proven UV-C technology
•    Simplicity: Logical process requires minimal training
•    Performance: Full bore Aseptic Transfer with no product hang-up

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