Ezi-Flow™ CSV4 All Plastic

Campaign Use / Disposable High Containment Transfer System

Launched in October 2014, the brand new all-plastic Ezi-Flow™ CSV All Plastic, Single-Use High Containment System provides a highly effective but simple and disposable transfer solution for the Pharma and Biopharma industries. Innovative design and construction provides the ultimate combination of high containment and low cost.

The Ezi-Flow CSV provides:

•    High Containment Performance <1µg/m3 (task based)
•    Fast, Full-Bore Discharge
•    Liquid Tight, Low Maintenance
•    Fully Disposable System
•    Many times cheaper than “Old Style” Split Butterfly Valve alternatives
•    Fast, Trouble-Free Supply

APIs continue to increase in potency and the need for manufacturers to contain manufacturing processes effectively is more important than ever. Ezi-Dock™ offers a suite of specifically-designed and uniquely effective tools which will achieve, and more importantly maintain, containment in a wide range of manufacturing environments.

A valuable new part of our Containment range is the All Plastic Ezi-Flow CSV, which provides a remarkably cost-effective solution – so much so that cleaning can be done away with by using the system as a fully disposable solution. However, the All Plastic CSV has the robust build and design quality which will also allow campaign use.

The All Plastic Ezi-Flow CSV provides a complete, unique and World Class High-Containment solution for:

•    Reactor Charging
•    Extruder Charging
•    Powder Filling Lines
•    Tablet Press Charging
•    Tablet Coater Charging
•    Blenders/Mixers
•    Filter Dryers
•    Tablet Packing Lines