Down-Flow Booth – Its uses and advantages

The down-flow booth provides the highest levels of operator protection from potentially harmful airborne contaminants generated during manual powder handling operations such as sampling, charging and dispensing. The booths utilize a unidirectional flow of air which is passed through ceiling mounted distribution screens or HEPA filters ensuring a controlled flow of air. This airflow can be directed to carry contaminants away from the breathing zone of operators and into low level exhaust grilles and then through the booths filter system. Mainly howarth is having two types of booths and i.e. Recirculatory booth and Single pass booth. Here Recirculatory booth is typically used for the powder operations and Single pass booth is used where solvent or fumes vapours are present.

Advantages of Down-flow Booths

  • Unrestricted operator access to the target operation (i.e. no physical impediment offered by the containment equipment).
  • Flexibility to handle a large range of container types.
  • Capability to integrate additional process equipment.
  • It will allow clients to meet their safety needs without having to compromise on process efficiency.

Applications of down-flow booth

Down-flow is basically used in following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Cosmetics
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Textiles

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