Continuous Mixer- A great alternative for batch mixer!

An uninterrupted stream of ingredients flows into the mixer from above. The ingredients are processed as they travel through the mixer, and a continuous stream of homogenized powder flows out of discharge nozzle. Every stage of a continuous flow process takes place continuously and simultaneously within a specified time frame. Granulators and powder formed are common examples of mixing equipment that typically operate continuously. There comes the different type of continuous mixer which totally depends on the properties of product you want to mix. The mixing is the one of the process which may be done in stages to ensure all ingredients are incorporated properly. Continuous system is a self monitoring system. It is mainly used in the areas of food, chemicals and plastics.

Advantages of GCM Continuous Mixer

  • Continuous mixer is giving high output at the compact size.
  • It is minimizing de-mixing effects.
  • It contains great efficiency and easy to operate.
  • It is providing higher production rate.
  • Continuous mixer is having high efficiency and works simultaneously without any pause.

Why to choose Gericke?

  • Gericke is providing the conveying, feeding and mixing projects for the processing of bulk materials since 1894.
  • Gericke believes in Continuous innovation.
  • They were providing an excellent product quality.
  • They were having an open and honest way of conducting business.
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