Continuous Manufacturing of Oral Solid dosage by Mixing Technology

Nowadays, Pharmaceutical companies were enhancing and adopting new technology machinery. And traditional machinery was gaining a disruptive lifecycle. Continuous manufacturing of oral solid dosage by mixing technology is the important machine which is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industries for solid dose. Continuous mixing is the process of mixing the material continuously and also it generates a continuous stream of mixed product and at the exits of mixer.  The biggest thing why we use continuous manufacturing mixing technology is that it eliminates the problems associated with batch cycles and produces a consistent product all day. It is ideally used for the new era of efficient solid dose pharmaceutical manufacturing.  Continuous Mixer of gericke offers the optimum combination of the radial and axial which totally depends on the task and type of components. The residence time and energy can be varied.  There is also a deduction on the particle size.


  • Continuous mixing technology is very reliable in nature.
  • It is having a very superior design for the difficult flowing products.
  • A continuous mixing system takes up very less space as it contains a very compact design.
  • It is easy to integrate into the existing system.
  • Easy adjustment of the mixer to vary products, recipes, and capacities.
  • Removable mixing tool and housing for fast and hygiene cleaning.

Why we choose Gericke for Continuous manufacturing of oral solid dosage?

  • Gericke believes in the expertise and skill of their esteemed employees.
  • Gericke manufactures outstanding product quality and always eager to produce something innovative.
  • The company established a strong development philosophy for expansion and growth.
  • Gericke follows high ethical standards.
  • Gericke designs and manufactures powder processing equipment and systems.