Coming Age Products for the Pharma industry to know about

When it comes to pharmaceutical companies, they tend to come up with clean, isolated and reliable work environment that can make processes simple and uncompressed. Contamination is the big challenge in the pharmaceutical industry and it must be dealt with appropriate, yet robust measures to offer barrier isolation for employees. One such product developed by the companies after thoroughly research is aseptic isolator, highly used in pharmaceutical industries for the isolation and contamination-free workspace.

Human beings are the biggest source of contamination in the process rooms even if you take care of all the aspects. As per the research conducted by the industry, a gowned, motionless person can generate 100,000 particles per ft3/min. it is something that must be addressed to isolate personnel in the laboratories.

Aseptic Isolators are state-of-the-art technology that offers the complete isolation and separation of personnel from the test sample. It offers more reliability and productivity in the processes and operations.

There are some excellent benefits they offer to the companies that they are widely used in the pharmaceutical processes.

It reduces operational costs as the internal and external environments are completely isolated, offering excellent working environment reducing the operational costs.

Furthermore, utility costs too are lower than traditional processes due to smaller work space footprint.

One of the most noticeable and superior qualities of these aseptic isolators is their ability to perform automated decontamination processes. It will result in lower cleaning costs.

Instead of constructing separate clean rooms for operations, it will be a most suitable alternative that is highly reliable, cost-effective and robust in nature.

Also, the gowning and training costs are reduced significantly.

Ezi-Flow™ CSV4 All Plastic

Also, there are some excellent products available for disposal transfer too. These products are new, reliable, robust, simple and highly effective and are perfectly suitable for disposable transfer without any hurdles and hindrances. One such product is Ezi-Flow™ CSV4 All Plastic that has carved a niche for itself by offering a wide range of benefits to the pharma and biopharma companies.

It is a fast, trouble-free, and liquid-tight disposable transfer option that is far superior than traditional Split Butterfly Valve solutions and offers full-bore discharge with superior containment performance.