Checkweigher | HC A V

The Checkweigher HC A V(Vision) series is a trend-setting combination of vision inspection and checkweigher technology in a compact design. In addition to reliable and precise weight checking, the HC-A-V also ensures the vision inspection of your products. The key components used in this model, such as the WIPOTEC Weigh Cell and the vision control [...]

NF 180 Flat Series

NF 180 Flat Series is higher performance packaging machines, easy and quick changeover, flexible and efficient. Ideal for medium sachets sizes, unitary, twin, spout, zipper and shapes. Major application for all kind of products and sectors. Easy Operation, Low cost of Maintenance, Reduced Energy’s Expenditure Minimum Billing in Spare Parts, Ecofriendly. Main Features Ergonomic Monoblock on [...]

Labguard | Mirrhia

Mirrhia provides you with a solution that ensures the continuity of your LABGUARD® installation and of your environmental monitoring thanks to a simple software migration without any data loss. Integrate your LABGUARD® Installation  with Mirrhia Software Your migration to Mirrhia in 3 steps The migration to Mirrhia is done remotely and will take place in 3 automated steps: Step [...]

Stainless Steel Drum Lifter

The ‘Compac’ Stainless Steel Lifter, when fitted with the Drum Handling Attachment can be used to handle a wide range of drum types and sizes. The drum handling attachment has been designed to grip drums by the circumference and rotate to any position through 360°. Packline’s range of drum lifting and handling attachments are fully [...]

Drum & Solvent Booths

Drum and Solvent Handling Booths are designed to control vapours and aerosols that are created during the transfer of solvents and liquids and other handling processes i.e. drum to drum transfer or drum to process reaction vessel. Protecting surrounding environments against hazardous vapours and aerosols, Drum and Solvent Handling Booths safeguard both the operator and [...]


The SachetCount is a Bespoke electronic counting machine designed to be integrated with bagging/sachet making machinery. The SachetCount allows filling of multiple products into a single pack or various combinations of product and pack format including day/night combinations. Combining proven technology and a microprocessor-based control system and the latest evolution in infrared counting technology the [...]