Mixing Systems | Muhr

The Muhr 3D.S mixer is a free-fall mixing systems in which the mixing container is gimbal-mounted. Two rotation axes are positioned perpendicularly to one another and are powered independently. The turning direction and rotational speed of both axes is subject to continual and independent change. Thanks to these innovative, irregular motion dynamics you attain mixing [...]

Cartoning Solutions

Our pack layout design engineers are pioneers in blister pack design and innovation. For every blister card designed by Prodieco, immense consideration is given to the parameters and limitations presented by the blister machine, product shape, feeding method, base and leading foil combinations, and tooling optimisation. This allows us to produce the most reliable blister [...]

Powder Filling Machine Pharma | Lab Dosator | 3pinnovation

Lab Dosator Lab Dosator is part of 3P innovation’s Pharma Equipment Discover Range, which fully replicates commercial dosator based powder dispensing, at a laboratory scale. It can therefore screen pharmaceutical powder formulations for suitability with commercial machinery. It also automatically produces representative early phase clinical supplies. The system can be configured to replicate the full range [...]

Dimensioning Weighing Scanning

The volume, weight and barcode of your packages (up to 120 kg) are completely, easily and dependably recorded. The user-friendly controls ensure convenient handling. The DWS system from WIPOTEC-OCS guarantees the complete transparency of your data, which is transmitted to a central data management system and then processed for comprehensive billing. The DWS "Compact" version [...]