NP 185 | Flexpack

Starting from a pre made pouch of heat-sealable material the NP 185 machine picks de pouches from a customized magazine or a multi format motorized belt, to place it in the machine’s line, starting with a positive opening to fill with product, and while is transferred to the next station stretches the pouches to avoid wrinkles and have [...]


Our BIOGEN DUO system achieves a level of efficacy unmatched by standard cleaning and disinfection technologies, achieving a 6-log sporicidal reduction. Our bio-decontamination service can be quickly deployed to hospitals, healthcare facilities, cleanrooms and laboratories. Our engineers attend the site and carry out a full decontamination, which is instantly validated with enzyme indicators (EI), and [...]

Motorised Mixing Bowl Lifting and Tipping Attachment | Lifting and Handling Food Ingredients

The Mixing Bowl Lifting Attachment for Lifting and Handling Food Ingredients has been designed to suit the ‘Hobart 140 quart mixing bowl’, although this bespoke solution can be tailored to meet most handling solutions. The attachment is designed to safely lift, tip and lower the mixing bowl. Motorised mixing bowl lifting and tipping attachment is [...]

RoTab Bilayer | KG Pharma

The mobile and compact tablet press for bi-layer tablets RoTab Bilayer dominates the supreme discipline of bi-layer tablet development and production with perfection. With it's fully automatic sampling of first layer at full speed and a most compact design it also offers full tool format flexibility and mono layer tablet capability. Our most versatile tablet [...]

Automated Powder Compaction Analysis System | D500 & D1000

The first fully automated powder compaction analysis system developed by GAMLEN. The Development Series: D500 & D1000. 21CFR11 Compliant Option Application Generate USP <1062> compaction data Assess and optimise tablet lubrication Fast and effective formulation development Alternative supplier evaluation Process or formulation change evaluation Pre-formulation studies Establish API intrinsic compaction properties Troubleshoot manufacturing issues The Gamlen D-Series range [...]