Top Universal Plan Sifter For Processing The Bulk Material

Most of the raw materials in the industries contain some impurities or have some variable physical characteristics. To clean such impurities we require a machine because it is in bulk quantity which we can’t do without the help of machinery. Universal plan sifter is the type of machinery that is mainly used in the industrial sectors where bulk material has to be processed. Universal plan sifter is the one which is used for Sizing, Control and safety sifting and Dedusting. Where Sizing is the sorting of the bulk material. Control sifting is mainly used for foodstuff or pharmaceutical products before conditioning that bulk material. And Dedusting is the name itself saying to De-dust the material. Universal plan sifter is easily transportable by means of a simple fork lifter.


  • Universal plan sifter is very user-friendly and easy to operate machinery.
  • It contains a low maintenance design and long operating life.
  • With the help of a universal plan sifter Sorting of the bulk material can be done very easily.
  • Excellent performance ratio and easy to clean.
  • Extreme gentle sifting of the product and optimal hygiene.
  • Industries were benefitted a lot as it is possessing bulk materials.
  • Due to the universal plan sifter very precise sifting is done.

 Why use Fuchs plansifter?

  • Fuchs has specialized in manufacturing simple and efficient machines for bulk material processing.
  • They are mainly dealing with the blending, sifting, and granulating process of machinery.
  • Fuchs machines were simple, easy functioning, and possess high-quality design.
  • Fuchs machinery was mainly dealing with food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and animal feed industries.
  • Fuchs manufactured machinery are used all over the world.