Best Solution for Any Containment Requirements

Thousands of powder materials which have more inertia compared to the other particles will not travel in a straight line and go with the flow which at one time may be an inhalation hazard, as being transferred in chemical and pharmaceutical industries every hour some of the materials are hazardous and harmful to the human when it comes in contact. We here at Inos look at it as our responsibility to take care of workers Safety, Sustainability, and Hygiene which can only be possible by powder transfer systems like the EziFlow CSV Transfer system. Due to the Eziflow CSV Transfer System, the powder form particles not come in contact with the outer environment and can be easily transferred from one process to another.

Eziflow is available in multi-use and single-use formats and 4 and 6-inch bores, the Ezi-Flow CSV breaks the mold, providing superb levels of containment.  It is 4-5 times cheaper than “Old Style” Split Butterfly Valve alternatives.

Advantages of EziFlow CSV Transfer System

  • Eziflow provides the perfect solution and a unique system for the contained transfer of sensitive or hazardous products.
  • It requires very little maintenance.
  • EziFlow is user-friendly and cost-effective.
  • It is available in many different sizes.
  • Worker’s safety will be assured with the use of the Eziflow CSV Transfer system.
  • Hazardous products or materials can be easily transferred from one process to another.

Why choose Ezidock solutions for all your containment handling issues?

  • The Ezidock™ Systems’ range of products continues to evolve to meet their customers’ needs.
  • Ezidock™ manufactures World Class products for processing, handling, and storage of semi-bulk Powders & Liquids.
  • Ezidock is always manufacturing different and innovative products and they are specialists in industrial packaging solutions for food, chemical, and pharmaceutical.
  • Ezidock’s first priority is always remained the one and only which customers demands and their problem solutions.
  • Ezidock is always trying to manufacture cost-effective products.