Benefits of Aseptic Isolators

An isolator is an arrangement of physical barriers that are integrated to the extent that the isolator can be sealed in order to carry out a routine leak test based on pressure to meet specified limits. An aseptic isolator protects the product from contaminants in the environment. Positive pressure is maintained in the isolator in order to ensure that particles from the setup room will not enter the isolator and contaminate does not take place. Aseptic isolators are routinely found within the pharmaceutical industry and are widely used for sterile injectable drug filling and sterile & pharmacy drug compounding. This ensures that the environment is maintained as contamination-free to safeguard patients who will later be administered the drug.

Advantages of  Aseptic Isolators

  • People are the biggest source of contamination in Clean rooms so aseptic isolators will protect the product.
  • It is a cost effective process.
  • Product testing within isolated conditions reduces the frequency of generating false positive results.
  • It also increases the sterility assurance of the product.
  • Aseptic isolator is easy and convenient to operate.

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