Advantages of X-ray inspection Machine

X-ray systems can detect broken, faulty and missing items. X-ray inspection systems ensure product safety and integrity for a wide variety of pharmaceutical products at the end of the production line and before being shipped. The SC-V model of the Wipotech -OCS represents the most advanced inspection technology. It combines reliable detection of product impurities by means of the high performance X-ray scanner with additional optical control systems developed in-house at WIPOTEC-OCS. X-ray and inspection machine is not only useful for food industries but another major industry that frequently uses x-ray inspection to great benefit is the pharmaceutical industry.  It also Cover film verification.  X-ray and inspection machine of Wipotech –OCS do verification of best-before date and also checks the Bar Code stickers of the products.

Advantages of X-ray and Inspection

  • The broadest inspection for maximum productivity and product safety.
  • X-ray and inspection machine is easy to operate and contains central user interface.
  • Easy Verification of Missing Products in Sealed Packaging.
  • It is Cost effective and Savings on Inspection Labor.
  • Pick out the product which is defaulted and reduce the risk product recalls.
  • It contains highest hygienic standards.

Why to choose OCS?

⦁          Wipotech is producing innovative and dependable partners for the high performance of the manufacturing of unique products.

⦁          Wipotech is developing a highly flexible track and trace machine that is reliable and easy to operate by the customers.

⦁          Wipotech has successfully integrated state of the art OEM integration solution into packaging machines.

⦁          All the Wipotech OCS products and integration solutions are developed with higher skill engineers.

⦁          Wipotech – OCS is an ISO certified and authorized one for the conformity evaluation according to module D of the ‘Measuring Instruments Directive’ (MID, 2014/32/EU).