Advance Aseptic Solution – RABS

RAB stands for Restricted Access barrier system. It is an effective alternative to isolators and clean rooms where protection from contaminants is of paramount importance. A Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS) is an advanced aseptic processing system that can be utilized for many applications in a fill-finish area. To successfully implementing the RAB, companies must remember the system part of this Technology. RAB System should be kept under the proper maintenance to keep it in good conditions. It is the one type of isolation technology. RABS provides a physical barrier between the production area and the operator environment. The production area has a rigid machine enclosure, safety-locked doors and ports with gloves.

Advantages of RAB System

  • Improved contamination control and consequently improved product quality.
  • Modular design facilitates speedy delivery, thereby ensuring minimum downtime.
  • Simplicity of air handling making RABS easier to install.
  • Flexible alternative to isolators and facilitate intervention where necessary.
  • Lower initial cost out-lay in comparison with brand new clean room facilities.
  • Suitable for integration into new and existing facilities.
  • Easy to use because a RAB system does not require its own bio-decontamination system.

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