Pharma and cGMP Conform Cleaning Equipment

Hamo Cleaning equipment for industrial and life sciences fields are special cleaning equipment designed to process critical components such as, fermentation containers, big bottles, glassware, components of filling and packing-machines, mixers, cones, palettes, boxes, tabletting-tools, and other parts from the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, cosmetic and food industries.


The polished chamber (with only three openings) and tubing are designed to fully drain. The chamber ceiling and the chamber are designed with slopes to achieve a quick and full emptying.

On request the chamber is equipped with internal lighting, to monitor the process during cleaning.

Technical Execution / Tubing / Components

The machine are designed, built and documented according the latest requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, such as EHEDG, FDA, cGMP and GAMP.

As for example:

  • Chamber and welding surface quality RA ≤ 0,8 mm;

all radius minimal 30 mm electropolished

  • All piping sanitary/aseptic execution (Tri-Clamps)

according ISO 11864-3

  • All membrane valves without dead legs;

membranes made out PTFE/EPMD

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