Automatic Blister Packing Machine

The new version Plus of the blistering machine model BF50 comes with a well-define arrangement to capture the market of small laboratory packaging and to assure a valued help without limits inside packaging divisions for medium production. Compact and multi-function the new Version Plus shows all the features already present on the BF50 Standard but with more capacity for the production control. The new Verison Plus, in fact, in addition to the bigger format of the blister brings to 150x100mm for a depth’s pocket of mm 20 and the increase of the loading area ready to put at the beginning a manual charger of the product with a wide tray in Stainless 316L. To automate the product’s loading, it is possible to put an universal charger FULL BOX with rotating brushes with a wide area to load the product. On request also a dedicated charger for CPR and CPS. Inside the most complete version of BF50 could not miss the predisposition or the pinhole control for ALU ALU blister placed after the cold forming station. Furthermore on the version Plus could be placed also the vision system control to check full blister, in addition to the color, dimension, position, double product inside the pockets. BF 50 PLUS is a COMPACT BLISTERING MACHINE flexible and versatile for a packaging of high quality guaranteed from a Company leader in the pharma market from more than 30 years. To support this quality O.M.A.R. ensures a post sales service supported from all the agencies present in the 35 worldwide countries; choose one of our product means ensure quality at your packaging.

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