Checkweigher: Up To 600 Speed Per Minute

In terms of precision and throughput, checkweighers of the HC-A series are the logical response to meet the demands of modern, dynamic weighing technology. The machines provide the controls and engineering to create the ideal platform for implementing the complex regulation and control tasks. The HC-A is the basis for high end application-oriented systems that provide a maximum of 600 values per minute with 100% product monitoring.

This model significantly extends the application possibilities of the WIPOTEC-OCS product line and completes our versatile product range, especially for high-end applications. In particular, the advanced solid stainless steel frame ensures extremely accurate weighing results at very high transport speeds or throughput rates. The modular design facilitates the implementation of custom solutions for a variety of product geometries and forms.

The sophisticated and wide selection of sorters (pusher, air blast, etc.) is designed to reliably eject products with incorrect weights with respect to packaging. The HC-A is characterised by its comprehensive product handling. For example, the top runner belts safely perform acceptance and acceleration of folded cartons just as the metering screw and lateral pressure belts safely separates and accelerates vials and bottles. The HC-A supports your efforts to minimise costly overfilling with a number of optional functions.

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