Checkweigher: Up To 250 Speed Per Minute

The dynamic checkweighers of the HC-M series provide the perfect weighing technology for challenging medium range checkweighing applications. They are the link to the series EC-E and HC-A scales and provide up to 250 weight values per minute for the complete medium range.

The HC-M is the most convenient answer, whether you need to check the current actual weight or perform a completeness check, or a sort, or a classification. The base frame is made of solid stainless steel and enables high precision weight determination at average to high conveyor speeds or throughput rates and provides 100% product checks in accordance with national pre-package regulations.

The lightweight, patented conveyor system and carefully tuned drive concept ensure smooth,
fast and safe transport. A sophisticated and wide range of sorters (pusher, air blast, etc.) are
available for the reliable ejection of products having an incorrect weight, without interfering
with the production.

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