The CA-200 is a continuously operating cartoner with a machine output of up to 400 cartons per minute. Blisters, bottles, vials, ampoules, tubes, sachets, pouches, medical technology, and cosmetics can be packed and a wide variety of plug-in and adhesive closures, as well as various designs and materials, can be processed. Depending on the respective requirements, the machine can be equipped with the following options:

• Different product feed systems
• Instructions for use
• Booklet feed (individually or via trays)
• Brochure processing • Feeds
for additions such as dosing
spoons, pipettes, syringes • Code reader for data matrix
• MES / ERP connections
• Blister presence control
• Labeler
• Hot glue
• Coding with ink-jet, laser, or embossing
• Integration of Track & Trace solutions
• Print recognition (OCR / OCV)
• Tamper Evident
• Connection of end-of-line equipment

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