The BL-400’s modular design concept allows us to process a high variation of products and enables easy implementation of upgrades in the future. This high-performance blister machine can handle thermo as well as cold formable materials.

Due to the machine’s sturdy and ergonomic design, flexible, reliable, and economical automation of the individual packaging process can be guaranteed.

Depending on the specific application the machine can be equipped with any combination of the following options:

• Automatic feeding systems
• Blister inspection systems
• Pinhole detection
• Perforation / Slitting
• Precreasing
• MES/ERP connection
• In-Process-Control
• Embossing / Coding Printing of lidding material
• Waste strip shredder / Winding
• Both side print mark control
• Automatic positioning of sealing, perforation, and punching station
• Adjustable sealing time
• Sealing pressure control

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