Track And Trace

Track & Trace is an individual identifying feature in the pharmaceutical sector and the key to guaranteeing the authenticity of medicines. The identification and complete traceability of originator medicines in the entire value chain combined with the tamper-proof sealing of folding boxes form the basis for unconditional trust on the part of consumers. As a response to the various national requirements, with the Traceable Quality System (TQS) we developed a highly flexible Track & Trace platform that offers our pharmaceutical customers a reliable, future-proof solution. The modular machine portfolio is aimed at the main applications of serialization & weighing, Tamper-Evident, and consistent aggregation of all relevant forms of packaging. In addition, we successfully integrate state-of-the-art OEM integration solutions into packaging machines. Perfect line integration is also supported by open, standardized interfaces and as a consequence, unrestricted compatibility with the existing machine and system components is achieved.

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