Detailed Engineering and Supervision

CSV Life Science is able to develop all the engineering activities of detail, which in addition to consolidating what has been proposed in phase of basic engineering, complement each other in terms of drawings and documents the remaining part of the plant object of activities.

CSV Life Science so good, customers in the choice of different suppliers or contractors who will work in the construction of the plant, through an activity of collecting the various offers made homogeneous, and subsequent technical and economic tabulation of the same.

The CSV Life Science activities continues with a follow up of the various contractors, checking the consistency of the proposals in relation to the shared project. During the realization phase CSV Life Science is able to provide support to the customer in overseeing the progress of the project even with an active presence (Construction Management), and starting up the same (Commissioning).

The development of a number of commissioning procedures, which are approved by the client company, used to define how to check and to manage the data collection (using calibrated instrumentation), responds to the need to make the fastest possible qualification phase of the plant; the data collected in the process of commissioning are a decisive support for the subsequent qualification activities.

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