Engineering Design

Engineering there is an area dedicated to Facility Planning. This activity consists of the analysis, study and design the lay-out, as a preliminary step, often strategic, of a process aimed at creating and / or restructuring of industrial sites (both individual departments of entire production sites).
The proposed approach starts from a definition of the strategic concepts of a Site Master Plan that optimizes manufacturing processes, in relation to the flows (materials, people and vehicles), and comes to define the system solutions, technological and procedural optimal, consistent with the places constraints. The Site Master Plan does not invest only the technical side, but considering the economic parameters, research and development, acquisitions and transfers of production, marketing, presenting to the management or ownership proposals from which you immediately perceive the effectiveness of ‘ economic and technical operation. Furthermore, it constitutes a specific peculiarity of this study and the design of handling and storage systems and installations (Material Handling) in support of the above processes.
CSV Life Science offers services Conceptual Engineering, Basic Engineering and Detail. The validation background allows CSV Life Science to follow all phases of the project taking into account the cGMP issues.

a. Conceptual Engineering
b. Basic Engineering
c. Detailed Engineering and Supervision

The expertise gained in the pharmaceutical sector and the technical background of chemical engineers that make up the rich section of CSV Process, allows to deal with both the design in the secondary field of production and, therefore, relative to the finished and packaged products, both the design of installations and / or production sites of active ingredients (API), where the process (chemical or biotechnological synthesis) and the engineering of the same require specific technical skills and at the same time a GXP sensitivity.

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