Batch Mixing Efficiency, Scientifically Proven

Gericke Multiflux® GMS mixers form a mechanical fluidised bed with two horizontally arranged superimposed mixing tools. That way the mixing process is carried out very quickly and gently and with high quality results. Gericke Multiflux® mixers can produce up to 12 mixing cycles per hour. The Gericke GMS mixers are available in sizes of 100 to 4000 litres (useable volume) per batch. Designed with cantilevered or extractable drives they allow for easy and quick cleaning.

Compared to other mixing systems the GMS C also stands out due to its low height. Whenever space is at a premium GMS C mixers offer more possibilities for the complete application design.


  • Highest mixing quality (even with the smallest components below 0.1 % )
  • Very fast and gentle mixing with minimized product stress and energy input
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Meets stringent hygiene requirements following EHEDG and GMP guidelines
  • Quick and complete discharge of the mixer
  • High number of batches per hour means lower investment costs and space requirements
  • Low maintenance and energy costs
  • A safe investment, supported by references from satisfied customers and scientifically proven


  • For batch sizes from 40 l up to 4’000 l
  • Large front door for easy access
  • Available for ATEX and IECEx Categories 1, 2 or 3
  • FDA and EG 1935/2004 certificates available
  • Optional extractable cantilevered drive “ECD”
  • Optional heating/cooling jacket
  • Can be fitted with high speed cutter(s)
  • Various process connections, surface finishes, product outlets, shaft sealings
  • Can be fitted with load cells for weighing applications

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