Unit Dosage Filling And Sealing

Semi-Automatic equipment for the filling and sealing of injected pre-molded strips of unit dose. Pharmaceutical product: unit-dose drops for eyes, nose, ears, oral vaccines, solutions for aerosol, disinfectant, solution for cleaning contact lenses, Diagnostic reagents, etc. Cosmetic products: unit dose for ointments and creams, unit dose without preservatives for mascara, eye shadow, for products for skin and hair treatment etc.

The new patented welding method is the result of stringent research and testing which allows the possibility to operate on a flat shaped and fin ended design, without angels and burrs which is an important consideration in the event that the strips are subsequently “pouched”, together with the possibility of obtaining positive and sound welding for liquids, ointments and creams.

The machine performs the simultaneous filling of the strips by 5 dosing nozzles and then the
welding and the shaping of the extreme portion of the tube through a patented system. (After
the welding extremely is not trimmed). The strips are manually positioned into the buckets. The
operating cycle is semi- automatic and takes place on a guide which brings the buckets
underneath the working stations.

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