Pharmaceutical Chargebags

Ezi-Dock™ manufactures a range of specialised process packaging for the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries including both rigid and flexible / disposable options, to ensure that the needs and preferences of all users can be met. Ezi-Dock™ Chargebags provide the ultimate in convenience and cost-effectiveness, but users of rigid bottles will also find that Ezi-Dock’s unique Chargebottle design features and market-beating price make them the best available of their type.

The market for disposable, flexible containment process solutions within the Pharmaceutical and Chemical manufacturing industries has significantly grown over recent years. Some users of traditional process containers have found them to be expensive to clean and manage, as well as inefficient when discharging their contents.

The high performance of the Ezi-Dock™ docking ring system has helped to develop and reinvent this specialised market, however, and the Ezi-Dock™ Chargebag is our flexible and highly effective alternative, which many users find offers significant cost and performance benefits over traditional blow moulded or rota-moulded rigid bottles.

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