Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine For Sachet

High performance machines, with easy and fast format change, flexible and efficient. Ideal for envelopes of volumes up to 800 ml, with unit cut, double, stopper, zipper and shapes. Main applications for all types of products and sectors.

Main Features

  • Ergonomic and reinforced chassis that prevents bending.
  • In welding with balcony design.
  • Motorized unwinder with end detector Of integrated coil.
  • Splicing table for quick coil change.
  • Expandable coil bracket with simple mechanical adjustment Without tools (Manual).
  • Protections in zone of unwinder.
  • Stainless steel screws AISI 304.
  • Drag motorized servo roller.
  • Easy-to- operate systems
    • Micrometers in jaws for easy change of format.
    • Watertight hoppers.
    • Cleaner and more accessible dosing areas.
    • Areas in contact with stainless steel AISI 304.
    • Pneumatic Funnel Vibrator.
    • Vacuum control by Venturi / Vacuum pump.
    • Scissors easy to change.
    • Static stretching prior to top welding.
  • B & R automaton with Ethernet connection
    • High resolution 8.4 “touch screen.
    • Remote assistance via IP.
    • Storage and retrieval of recipes via USB.
    • Latest generation servomotors.
  • Eco friendly
    • Low maintenance cost.
    • Low cost in energy consumption.
  • Flexibility for connection to peripheral equipment
    • Metal detectors.
    • Weight control.
    • Printers.

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